A Tuesday in Tune

As I write this, I am listening to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of “Elevazione” by Domenico Zipoli, which I have played over and over today, its depth and beauty a perfect accompaniment to the dark and light tones of my day.

My computer keyboard wants to make music with its words, to capture at length some of what today has held. All day the words have been trying to come, in between experiences too numerous to allow me the chance to sit and fully absorb them, or write them down. I have hastily noted down little prompters as the day has progressed, whilst attending a range of tasks, and now I am trying to make some sense of them, more than just to say it has been a day filled with ‘symbolic somethings’.

There is something deeply wonderful about this tune, which I have heard many times before, but which has taken on a greater resonance for me today and has brought with it the comfort and the joy that I needed to carry me gently over the threshold of an au revoir. After a special Mother’s Day weekend together, only the eldest of my two children with me, I bade farewell to my daughter this morning, as she set off back to university. The past five years have held many such moments; many tough moments of saying goodbye to my children, or the excitement of anticipating their return with joy.  With each parting my breath catches; often the intensity of the moment clutches at my entire being, making it impossible not to cry. This music has been like the arms of angels today, although this has been one of those days when perhaps the blessing was more a beautiful gift, than an urgent need to be held through a high tide wave.

There are days and moments when the precise time to do something presents itself and today has felt that way … as if the time was ‘anointed’ and ripe to produce something of note. Why then, was I not able to stop the happenings for long enough to allow me to jot them all down in detail? Perhaps, because like a symphony, texture and tapestry is needed for the full picture to reveal itself, and it was not until the end of the day that the tale had finished being ‘told’?

It is the end of my day now and I have written as much as will be written today. Perhaps tomorrow will be when I gather the fragments and complete the picture, in order to present it in some lovely way?

And so, as I sign off having written here, but not revealed what I thought I would be saying, I share this link to the version of “Elevazione” by Domenico Zipoli, the tune I have been listening to for much of this misty British day:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx010oVbRnA .
It is a most beautiful piece of music, movingly played by a young Brazilian orchestra, Escola de Música de Brasília.  Recorded 10/09/2009.

I hope the music will move you and elevate you, at least as much as it has been blessing my Tuesday.

In harmony,
Holly x



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