Focus On Your Why

Focus On Your Why. Focus. Quote. WHY - (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell

Do you need a little help to get unstuck?

“Don’t focus on the problem. Focus on the reward and your strong WHY you want it.”

Focus on your reason for something rather than on the obstacles.

A strong WHY helps us to keep our focus on the path to achieve it.

The plans and all the HOW reveal themselves as we become intentional about where we are headed.

When the road gets tough, we return to our WHY, and then we keep on.

Without a strong reason to do something, we might falter in our plans and resolve is very hard to hold onto.

So, get very clear in your mind, and on paper, and with every fibre of your being if necessary, and then you will find the ‘guts’ to endure, the resilience to keep getting up after every round, and the willingness to go on.

WHY is a very powerful motivator.

Get very clear about WHY … That is the crucial place for fuel.

First envision what it is, clearly see it, and then go for it …

One consistent, tiny step at a time WILL get you there, IF your WHY is a power one.

Remember:  Authenticity is Key.

Keep on.


Holly x

PS.  Sometimes what we see others doing on the internet seems so effortless and as though they were born knowing how to pull it off. This is simply not the case.  Here is a raw cut of my very brave first appearance on YouTube, with much yet to learn about the stage:

*  This post first appeared on Instagram on 13 October 2019.

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