The Prettiness Of Erigeron

The beautiful erigeron is starting to make itself at home in our organic country. I introduced it a few years ago..

This fairy tale plant always reminds me of beautiful gardens in England and of the talented British ‘plantswoman’, Edna Walling, who influenced and designed so many noted and beautiful gardens in Australia, where I first heard of her.

It’s such a blessing to see the erigeron beginning to spread itself around, colonising crevices, adding to the charm and to the biodiversity of the garden here. I am reminded, too, of the many places where it grows in South Africa, where I was born.

Its hardiness is so appreciated and yet utterly deceptive when one observes such a feminine sight!

The little native bees and other vital pollinators love the erigeron’s open face and I’m loving seeing the garden develop a softer and more gentle vibe, with its and other plants’ presence.

At the moment, in February, the ‘seaside daisy’ is reasonably dormant and it will spring to life fairly soon, to bloom and delight all the way through Summer and well into Autumn too.

This one is definitely a winner, a magical plant for any garden!

All it needs, once established, is to be trimmed right back in Winter.

And then left to bloom freely again!


With love,

Holly x

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