It Is A Time To Thrive

Jim Rohn and Holly Maxwell Boydell. Black and white photo. London 1980s. (c)

I remember attending gatherings in rooms packed full of enthusiastic people eager to learn anything they could possibly glean from the man with white hair … Jim Rohn.

Before most had heard of him – at least that I knew of – crowds were gathering to listen to this man impart the wisdom gleaned from his one imperfect life and hand it to others to help them.

I was in my early twenties. Mostly, these gatherings were in packed venues in London. It was the 1980s.

Fast forward a few decades …

This same man, I discovered, had been the wind beneath the wings of Tony Robbins.

There is more to this story than I can express here, but if you would like to experience the joy of being ‘heard’, hugely inspired and uplifted, it is my real pleasure to be able to invite you to attend Tony and Dean Graziosi’s ONLINE event …

UPDATE: Please note that this event is now finished. See my latest blogpost referring to it.

2-6 August 2022
11.00am PT / 7.00pm UK

It will be taking place live on YouTube and on Zoom.


There is a wonderful line-up of Speakers for the event, including a surprise guest … who is …

None other than Matthew McConnaughey! You may have heard of him?

The event is free and there is also a VIP ticket option, for those who’d like the upgrade, to attend via Zoom.

I am excited to see you there!!


In anticipation,

Holly x

Time To Thrive - Project Next The Thrive Edition banner

PS. It really is the best Time to thrive!


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