Discovering Farewell ~ A Poem

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Discovering Farewell

Somewhere close by, the frantic honking of geese
Answered rudely by a sleepy donkey.
The night sky was clear, the moon like cheese
Our warm breath mingled, so that where we sat all misty.

So much time gone by, in which to fill minutes with conversation,
Yet we merely skimmed surfaces of our ideas in relation
To what might have been spoken
Had we not feared what bonds could be broken.

With time ticking on and the sound of the clock to remind,
We suddenly discovered tranquility together
As you leant towards me – and we kissed
Warm, friendly, gentle and inviting.

So soon the hopeful bud of feeling nipped!
And thrown back into reality … to die …
or to survive?

How can you go now? How can you leave
Just now when the moment is upon us
And growth in learning together
The only thought that drugs my mind?

Fare well; go safely with my blessings, Friend –
“Best friends” was what we promised
And that we’ll be until the bitter end.

May good fortune follow you along the way
And happiness walk alongside, wherever you stay;
Yet may your journey of discovery across the land
Bring you safely back to me
Once more to hold my hand.





Holly M Maxwell

Written on 30 July 1986






© Holly M Maxwell Boydell

All rights reserved.





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