You And Me ~ A Poem

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You And Me

Hey! Sunshine,
Don’t carry this sad burden all alone,
Don’t forget that you have me.
Show not your lonely countenance to the world,
Because, it is not just you – it is also me.

Something quite innocent, turned into a loving spontaneity.
Do not try to suppress this, allow your white dove to fly free.

We embarked upon a voyage of sudden discovery
We both have qualities, abilities we have found
Loving, Sensitivity and deep Sincerity.
And, yet, neither would before have guessed
That such truth could be.

Two souls so afraid to cause one another pain
With the added ache bound by other commitments – ball and chain.

Try not to suppress your feelings,
Be they Disliked or Desired,
Release and be rid of the heartache,
Believe that what happened between us was meant to be –
Was not schemed or planned, happened enthusiastically;
We could not avoid it, nor should we now try to be
Ignorant of the new invitation that Love has wished us to see.

And so believe that you really are not alone;
Believe in me –
We stand together – just, simply, it’s got to be : YOU AND ME.





Written on 22 September 1983

Holly M Maxwell






Title given to this poem at time of posting onto The Holly Tree Tales blog.



© Holly M Maxwell Boydell

All rights reserved.





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