Who would you be without your money?

If you lost everything, would you be able to live with yourself?
If you spoke the truth and showed your real self to your friends, which of them would remain to help you up when you stumbled?
If you could no longer buy what impresses others, would you still have friends?
If all that you have and all that you are on the outside is what people know about you, have you any idea of who you truly are yourself?
If you were removed from your safe clique and your much-relied-upon clan, could you hold your own head above the waves?
If you had to take care of the things that you have always taken for granted, would the world still hold you in high esteem, while you carried out those tasks?
Is what people admire about you about YOU, or is it about your money?
Do people love you because of who you are, or because of what you give them?
If you were down to your last few pennies, would you share your loaf?
If you use your money to buy, spend and consume mindlessly now, how would you feed yourself if you lost it all?
Are you working to sustain an unrealistic picture of yourself?
Are you doing what you are doing so that others can think well of you?
Can you sleep at night, knowing that you have harmed no one through your day?
Would you be kinder to the postman, the street sweeper, the bin man, the one who cleans the drains … if you had as little as they?
Do you have any idea how you might survive if you had one percent of what you have now? Do you realise that that is what most of the world has?
Do you cherish the ones who would love you, even if you had nothing left to give them? Do you have those people in your life?
Do you know what it feels like to have no money, no energy, no food, no love?
Do you think you would have yourself left, if you had none of these left but Life?
Who would you be without your money? Do you know?
Do you realise that that is the one who you are meant to be now?
Might it be time, perhaps, to get to know that one inside?
Remember: money is like water … it cannot be held forever.
Only your soul, and my soul, and the other one’s soul can do that. Without money.
Do you know?

In contemplation,
Holly x

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