Vegetable Garden Musings on Earth Day 2021

Organic is best!

Today is Earth Day. Yesterday I planted out the roots of parsley, from a supermarket pot of many stems, into the bed that my son had spread compost onto, before he returned to University a couple of weeks ago.

The lupin nearby will be making the soil rich with nitrogen.

The rhubarb in the bed with the lupin is fast thickening up … the one in the broken terracotta pot to be planted properly.

Nettles are coming up everywhere. They are a ‘pest’ and their roots run deep, long and wide … strong enough to make ropes with.

Nettles are excellent for iron. I must make a nettle soup with the young, Spring leaves. Nettles are a wonderful habitat for the caterpillars that turn into butterflies … not sure which type loves nettle, but important anyway and vital for healthy, natural biodiversity. So, nettles are managed, not sprayed or obliterated nor fought against. They are great for compost and plant tea, as well.

I must mulch the compost and shall do that with the next lawn mowings, once the rhubarb has been dealt with.

Every garden bed will be top dressed with the bins full of ready compost that I’ve made – rather than throw into rubbish bins what was ‘waste’ from kitchen or clothes, etc – and our lovely collection of well-seasoned bags of leafmould.

No soil has been bought for the garden. All soil is produced here, to fill the larch beds; everything that can be: recycled back to Nature, back to the Earth that we depend on to keep us alive, safe and healthy.

Earth Day 2021 is a Day to be felt, acknowledged, recognised.

The Earth and its health is vital to each person on it. I was aware of that, as I planted out the supermarket parsley roots into beautiful compost that had been made and spread with love.

Happy Earth Day, EveryOne.



Holly x

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