When Bees Are Safer, We Shall Be Safer Too

Bumblebee resting on a daisy flower, in July 2012.

Bumblebee resting on a daisy flower.

Below is a combined version of a couple of notes which I wrote about our environment in mid 2013, still sadly and incredibly relevant … Although great strides have been made, and it looks as though possibly the tide is slowly turning at last, there is much work to be done. We must listen to the signs that the bees are giving us. We must protect them.


Around the World, wild bees, honey bees and other important pollinators are dying. Species of plants, amphibians and other animals are dying out. We are all ultimately affected by this, whether we realise it or not, and the demise of these creatures is indicating to us the gravity of our manmade situation, which is negatively affecting our own health too. This is serious, and has been largely caused by Man’s harmful practices on the planet. Increasingly, as shown by the mass death of bees, it is becoming a potential global catastrophe. Losing our pollinators could have serious consequences.

For a mere sixty to seventy years we have been using unbelievably poisonous chemicals in farming (as well as gardening, cleaning, clothing, furnishing and elsewhere) on this incredible Earth, which was here for millenia before we were born.

When the bees, butterflies and other beneficial creatures are safe again, we will find that we are too. We’re all in this together, and we can turn it around, if we care to.

Please stop using harmful, toxic chemicals and non-sustainable practices, and think about the effects of every action. This is now critical, as so clearly shown by the tragic loss and ailments of bees worldwide.

Please listen to the signs and act wisely.


Remember: when the bees, butterflies and other little creatures have been made safer … we shall all be able to breathe more freely, once again.

We must save our bees.


DSC06113 - THTT signed

All bees are vulnerable right now. We must act urgently to protect them.



In May 2014, I initiated a community page called “Towards Greener Borders” being launched on Facebook, to help bring awareness & effect positive change, regarding these very issues. If interested to learn more or join the discussions there, please go to http://www.facebook.com/towardsgreenerborders.

Holly x

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