Happy Birthday “Towards Greener Borders”

Founded 2 May 2014

Founded 2 May 2014

~ : ~

Happy Birthday, Towards Greener Borders … One year today!

Managed entirely voluntarily at the present time and grown organically by ‘word of mouth’, Towards Greener Borders is a platform promoting a vision for an organic, sustainable & healthy environment for all, with a mission to encourage, empower, inform & inspire positive outcomes.

We are passionate about doing what is possible to nurture people, plants, animals and our precious environment, leaving the Earth in better shape than we found it, in order to give children a safer future, while encouraging the mindful awareness of our connection to all on this planet.

Thanks to all who are on the positive journey too.

It has been quite a year!

~ : ~

For more information, please visit TOWARDS GREENER BORDERS
at www.facebook.com/towardsgreenerborders


In health, hope and trust,
Holly x

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