Thoughts on Earth Day 2015

Today is “Earth Day”.

It is an absolute joy to take moments in every day and appreciate what the Earth provides for us, how many plants and even the tiniest of creatures support our life on this incredible planet. When we open our eyes and our hearts to see and feel this wonder, everything becomes clear and meaningful … and we find strength from knowing that we are supported by Life itself.

When we do the opposite, however, seeking ways to dominate, control or destroy, we suck the oxygen out of our own lives and we rob the next generation of theirs. When we cut down trees, for example, that is literally what we are doing: Robbing Oxygen, and stealing from Life. Why? Why do it? Why destroy what is so bountiful, so balanced, so beautiful, so empowering and uplifting and of the utmost value to us all?

It does not help to plaster up the cracks, to create charities for every single ailment in society or the environment, unless we deal with the things, the actions, and the mindsets that are causing these deep wounds in the first place. “Prevention is Better than Cure” is such a simple, simple phrase, a cliché to many, and yet it contains an unbelievably powerful and generalised Truth.

There is joy and fulfilment in doing things right, and there is joy in making the lives of others better … that’s why I care and that’s why I do what I do: because it is right and it is true and it brings life and it gives me JOY. We can each do this. For our own sakes … and then we can watch the ripples of joy as they move out and beyond even our own meagre positive action and thoughts.

It is quite awesome to watch how positive creates more positive, and how people become so much freer and lighter when they care. Others are blessed by it too … so the positive keeps on growing.

It’s Earth Day today … everywhere on Earth.

The Earth is in tears right now … please, please come on board and care.

With love for our beautiful environment,

Holly x

A "Peacock" butterfly, the first butterfly we spotted in our garden this season, which appeared over the Easter weekend.

A “Peacock” butterfly, the first butterfly we spotted in our garden this Spring, which appeared over the Easter weekend.


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