About The Word Nice

  Do you feel the same way about the word "nice"? My English teachers at school taught me to seek alternatives to the endless use of nice to describe everything. I'm so grateful to those forward-thinking women who taught me, by the use of word choices, that life can be a range of other adjectives … Continue reading About The Word Nice

When Your Blog Becomes A Dot Com

  Dear Readers, Last Saturday, 18th November 2017, was an auspicious day for The Holly Tree Tales blog ... it became A Dot Com ... and was apparently "doing somersaults in excitement!" In other words, this website, The Holly Tree Tales, went from being a WordPress Dot Com, to a Dot Com in its own … Continue reading When Your Blog Becomes A Dot Com

Why Do I Have A Blog?

In January 2015 I began the technological challenge of building a blog.  For a few years before that, friends and family had suggested that I take my communication to a wider audience. Over many years, indeed since my teen years, people have suggested that I write my story and create stories out of my experiences … Continue reading Why Do I Have A Blog?