IF … In The Strongest Terms

  IF ... In The Strongest Terms If a man is not prepared to recognise the massive contributions made by his spouse to their combined family, and is not prepared to walk to the ends of the earth to do what is necessary to support her, then that man is not worth his salt and … Continue reading IF … In The Strongest Terms

Judging And Loving

Judging And Loving Don't judge that which you cannot understand, For only fools do that. Don't judge the one whose shoes you've not walked in, Unless you know that you could walk his path. Don't judge others, For while you point one finger, three are pointing back at you. Don't sit around chewing over the … Continue reading Judging And Loving

I Wish Love Was Taught In Schools

I wish love was taught in schools, to girls and to boys, so that people could grow up knowing what love really looks like. Words alone are shallow, and just being able to read and write does not help us when we're hurting deep inside, or when we need to find strength within to imagine … Continue reading I Wish Love Was Taught In Schools