The Power Of Affirmations

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What are you telling yourself?
What words are you speaking over your life?
What are the thoughts that you are having and how are they affecting how you feel?
What are the results that you are seeing in your life and where are they beginning ~ might it be with your thought?

These are some questions that we can usefully ask ourselves, in order to become more mindful and more aware of what is triggering the feelings, the results and the outcomes of our emotional energy influences.

When we speak words of life into our lives, we feel better about ourselves.
When we feel better about ourselves, we treat ourselves better and as we treat ourselves better, we become more likely to treat others better as well.

There are two types of Affirmation and they are, very simply, either positive or negative.

Positive Affirmations build us up, inspire us, keep us focusing forward, create good feelings in our bodies, enable us to perform better, assist us in becoming more altruistic, give us greater power to succeed, make us more aware of our environments, and generally enlighten our lives.

Negative Affirmations have the distinct opposite effect on our lives and they serve purely to bring us down.

When we speak words of positive affirmation into our lives, over ourselves, and into the lives of others, we raise the energy of the space that we dwell in and we raise the bar of prospect and potential exponentially.

Whatever thoughts we are in the habit of thinking are the thoughts that drive our actions, and our responses to other people, and influence the environments outside of ourselves.


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When we think good thoughts, our good thoughts lead to inspiration and to positive action, which leads to positive results.

When we think bad thoughts, our thoughts lead to emotions that are harmful to the energy and people around us and they are precursors to all sorts of health issues as well.

Our brains have a tendency to want to go ‘to the negative side’, as that is the side that is dominant and exists in order to keep us safe and from stepping out of our comfort zone – which aeons ago might have endangered us.  However, it is not necessary for our brains to be keeping us ‘safe’ in that way 24/7, as we are generally not in danger all day every day in modern life.  We have to learn to become aware of our thoughts and to steer them in a more enlightened and positive way instead, for better outcomes and more joy filled daily life.

Whatever we train ourselves to think and to believe, is what will drive the emotions that fuel the feelings, that initiate the actions that we take.

If we wish to see positive results in our lives, our relationships, our businesses, our environments, our financial structure and flow, experiencing our opportunities for advancement opening up all the time, then we must train our minds to focus on the positive in order to take us in the direction of possibility.

If we, on the other hand, continually dwell in the negative mire of impossibility, we keep ourselves stuck.  If we dwell on negativity, we continue to get the same old results – perhaps differently dressed – of negative outcomes and stagnation in our lives.

What do you WANT for your one precious life?

Do you want to excell in what you do and lift the lives of those with whom you come in contact?

Do you want to raise the bar by becoming a better version of yourself and thereby increase your opportunities and positive influence in the world?

Do you want to change the lives of those whom you have the power to assist and whose lives you might help to make more meaningful?

Do you want to earn a better income and thereby provide a better day to day life for  yourself?  What do you want for your family that your higher income might provide?  Do you want to earn a better income in order to help others to improve their lives?  Do you want to have greater freedom to choose how you spend your time, which is life?

If you wish to improve the quality of your life, in any way, what are you doing to make it better?

Have you realised that your outcomes are directly related to the energy that you are putting out and the expectations that you have?  Do you know that every action that you take, positive or negative, first began with a thought?  Are you in control of your mind?  Who is driving your thoughts?  Did you know that you can take the driver’s seat and redirect your life in a more positive direction and flow?

Did you know that your mind has a will of its own and that you were designed, by the Creator of the Universe, to live a life of love and peace and joy?  Did you know that there is strength and light in joy?  Did you know that dwelling on negative, which is the far heavier energy, is what keeps you stuck and yet all the time you were designed to be filled with light and love and hope, to prosper and to have peace?

What are  you thinking about?
Who are you allowing to influence your thoughts?
Who and what are you allowing to get into your head and to drive your actions?

When we become mindful, when we take the time regularly (every hour) to breathe and to become aware, to listen quietly and carefully to what is going on inside our heads, we can sensitively tend the garden of our minds and we can effectively change our outcomes at the source, with practice at being aware.


Garden. Spring. Willow tree. Salix. (c) The Holly Tree Tales.

Awareness is a phenomenal tool and it makes us very powerful beings.  When we are aware, we make better choices.  When we are mindful, we are more calm.  When we are in tune with what is the fast or most expedient route to a more beautiful outcome, we choose that way instead of the potholed path that is strewn with obstacles and blocks.

When would you like to improve the hour that you are living NOW and when would you think it would be best to become more aware of your powerful thoughts?

If you would like help to understand how incredible you and your thoughts are, how powerful your brain is and how you can take command of your life, then I would like to invite you to read a book called “Innercise” by John Assaraf.  It is written in a straightforward and easy-to-read style, backed with the latest neuroscience and has resource tools to help each of us to walk a better daily life.  The book I refer to is all about the brain and is helping people around the world, of all ages, to better understand how they might improve their lives by understanding some of what is going on inside their heads.  This is a book of hope and anyone can understand it, at any age.  Therefore, I am happy to recommend it and indeed I continue to learn from this book myself.  If you go to my Reading List, you will find links to the book there.

I would also urge you to read the book “NeuroWisdom” by Mark Robert Waldman, which gives a more scientific and yet easy-to-read approach to understanding our wonderful brains and minds.  There are links to Mark Robert Waldman’s book(s) in my Reading List as well. Both authors are teachers with whom I am in frequent contact, through my membership of NeuroGym and in other ways, as two of my key coaches and mentors in life and personal development.

Nowadays, many of us are on a journey to improve the quality of our thinking and of our lives.  It is always a pleasure to include others on the journey, as that makes it so much more fun and worthwhile, and helps to spread the blessing beyond just ourselves.  “Sharing is caring” someone once said, and that is true.  When we share in positive ways, we increase the positive vibes in our own minds and thus we affect the vibes around us to better and greater effect.

Today, try to become more aware of how you are thinking and take the time to stop and give yourself some inner love.  As you treat yourself better, as you speak life and  hope into yourself, you will most likely begin to see shifts in the energy and even in the faces of the people (and some animals) around you.  You will begin to benefit from the beauty of your own thoughts and the affirmations you speak over yourself.

I look forward to hearing your stories of hope that result from changing the direction of your thinking, your emotional responses, your feelings, and therefore your actions and your results.



With mindfully good thoughts and with love,

Holly x





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