No guilt. No shame. No condemnation.

DSC08768 - Holly - ilex aquifolium - THTT signed

In a slightly stronger than usual tone …

“No guilt, no shame, no condemnation”, a phrase I often hear in a life coaching forum, most certainly brings calm.

If we’re not where we need to be nor even desperately want to be, we must NOT carry blame. Our thinking cannot change everything in a flash.

Social media can be an absolute menace in telling people that they are the cause of everything lousy or ‘not enough’ in their lives.

As we all get good at creating and sharing across the platforms lots of pretty word pictures, with quotes and macho hype, we can also be heaping condemnation on people who are doing their damndest just to get out of bed in the morning.

Babies do not drop the placenta and get a degree in the same breath, nor even the same year … and I don’t even have a degree … yet … for all my learning about LIFE.

Let’s hang back a little and allow ourselves and others the space to grow.

Depression and despair are real too … they can be like having a rock on your stomach or a building on your head. With those weights, it’s unbelievably hard to breathe, let alone relax.

Disappointments that come in wave after wave after wave, wear us down, which makes positive thinking and altered mindsets even more of a challenge to achieve. This is not neuroscience … this is from my ‘gut’.

So, the point of this blurb is to say to each person who is fed up struggling and is struggling to not be fed up … you’re loved, you’re not alone, and you are being refined. Those who have it easy have no idea. Hang in there, and find some way to breathe … AND SLOWLY take one step, one step, one step, teeny weeny bits out of your comfort zone, AS AND WHEN YOU CAN … sometimes even on your ‘ass’ … slide or crawl, it’s all fine.

That’s my Motivation Tuesday Thought.

Oh, glory, I’ve just remembered it’s my 56th birthday and I’m running out of time … see?


PS. This is not a birthday post, btw, and I don’t usually ‘swear’ but this year (thanks to growth in many areas and a whole lot of challenge too) I’m shrugging off restraint, in as ladylike a way as I know how.

With love,

Holly x




PPS. Note the tiny white bits on the stem of the holly plant (ilex aquifolium) in the featured pic?

There are teeny blossoms forming.  It’s mid-Winter in my garden …

There’s symbolism for us, right there.

[Written on Tuesday 11 December 2018, in the UK.]


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