A Moment Away From The Tech

I took a moment today, away from humming old computer and the up to the minute laptop screen to go outside and feel the light and warmth.

It is almost the middle of August, soon Autumn will be upon us and temperatures will plummet, but for now it is warm and the warmth makes my heart sing.

The garden beds near the house are lush and alive with the sound and the dance of bumblebees. The smell of lavender is rich and comforting on the warm August breeze.

I need this.

I need to feel warmth, light and the comfort of Nature.

I need to be aware of the magic that is outside and to feel it love the cells of my body, to soothe my mind.

I miss the southern hemisphere, where warm days are more the norm.

But I hold this beautiful moment as treasure and I feel enormous gratitude to be able to take breaks from my work, wandering outside, listening to bees and watching butterflies flit about.

This mindful moment fills me, refreshes me, gives me new thoughts and I wander back indoors to resume my writing work. So blessed. So grateful.


Holly x

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