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I have a YouTube channel now, where there is a growing collection of videos relating to different subjects and for different purposes, connected to my blog or otherwise, all generally related to the content that you will find in my writing at The Holly Tree

This link will take you straight to my YouTube channel, where you will find the collection of videos and different playlists:

This is a recent video that I published on my YouTube channel, which was recorded during my first, tentative live appearance on the Facebook page for The Holly Tree Tales:

There are several more of these “Facebook Live” videos that will be added to the channel soon.

One of the groups of videos that you will find on my channel, is a collection of prayers that have been recorded spontaneously and shared online. The prayer collection started during the lockdown period of early 2020 and there is a playlist for them, which you can find at:

For the playlist of some of my general blog videos, go to:

There are also videos of nature walks, which are mindful and educational, as well as spontaneous and authentic.

The collection on YouTube will soon include more teaching / mentoring material and will be related to the masterminds that I facilitate or teach, from the latter half of 2020.

Do call in and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, for updates there.


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