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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Holly Tree Tales.

Here you will find writing about life experienced in the past, and life experienced now, as well as observations about the life that I see around me or that I am and have been privileged to participate in and to learn from, whether or not directly related to me. In the ABOUT section, there are notes specifically about Holly, the Author of this site. If you wish to read my most recent blog posts, please click on the BLOG button in the menu above ~ you will find them all there ~ and there is an Archive facility, with which to locate earlier posts. Otherwise, please click on the various options in the sidebar, to the right of the screen, for items of specific interest. I shall be covering a range of topics, including poetry, in the material published and you will also be able to find various recipes that I have created and use in daily life.

As The Holly Tree Tales has a worldwide audience, some readers might not understand various aspects of the English words used in my writing. Please feel free to enquire about the meaning of any language that might be misunderstood.  Having lived and worked on three English-speaking continents, and experienced firsthand how different the meanings of many English words are on each, I fully comprehend the ease with which misunderstanding can happen!

The Holly Tree Tales will continue to change and to grow, as any organic organism does, just as in Life itself.

Please click the button to Follow, if you wish to keep informed of new blog posts as the site evolves and more writings are published. You will not be sent any spam, and your privacy is respected.

Once again, thank you for your welcome presence here.

Very best wishes,


Holly Maxwell Boydell



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Please respect the copyright ownership of all featured on this site.

If you wish to use any material written by The Holly Tree Tales’ Author, please seek permission first and use the contact information to do so.

The Author is available to give talks to groups, and is happy to discuss having material published elsewhere, with prior and appropriate agreement. Please use the Contact Form to pursue this, in confidence.



© Holly M Maxwell Boydell     www.TheHollyTreeTales.com.       All rights reserved.


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