By special request from my daughter*, I shall be posting some of my own recipes as part of The Holly Tree Tales blog.

Being conscious of the dangers to our health that lurk in additives, preservatives and pesticides etc used in the growing of our food, I seek to use organic ingredients wherever I can. This is a practice that I have been following for many years and, indeed, I have not used chemicals in gardening or the growing of food myself, for at least twenty years, both in Australia and, more recently, in the United Kingdom.

It is now known that we get the most nutrition from foods that have been organically grown or raised, and I believe that that is a very good reason to seek organic alternatives whenever we can.

Whilst I won’t necessarily always mention this, please take it as a given that, where possible, most of the ingredients in any of my recipes are organic.



Blackberry Herbal Tea

Mushroom Soup

Tomato Soup




a History of Art student at university during 2013-2016






© Holly M Maxwell Boydell  All rights reserved.


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