The Essence of Home

I was born in Natal, South Africa in the 1960s and have counted many places as my home since that time.

Home is and always has been important to me and I have lived in more places that I am able to remember, starting with many moves during my childhood years.

I have lived on three continents thus far – Africa, United Kingdom, Australia – and I have family and friends spread around the world.

In 2006 my husband, children and I embarked on a journey that turned out to be an adventure requiring unbelievable fortitude and resolve to endure. For three years we moved from place to place every few weeks or months and for those entire three years we were staying in environments that belonged to other people, even down to the furnishings and the beds we slept on.

I had a complete breakdown in mid 2006, after we sold our home in Australia, as we were about to take off on an adventure that had no structure nor plan in place and now, writing in 2020, I am back in myself and back to put the pieces together as best I can that are left of me.

My home is where I am and I have learnt about what is important and what is not.

During the years that we trekked from one type of furnished accommodation to the next, in Australia and the UK, I made sure that we always had – what I came to understand it as – “The Essence of Home” with us. This enabled us to operate as a family and as individuals – with two school aged children – in such a way as to appear to be living normally … but we were not living ‘normally’ and we were not able to find our feet, while the ground kept moving beneath us.

I have learnt a lot about adjusting over the course of my life and I have experienced what it is to snap.

I have also learnt to put myself back together again and, no matter the waves nor the tidal ambush, what has kept us able to function at a fairly high level is that there has always been what is needed at home: the essence and the systems in place to live. At least as well as one can on the surface.