Eco Real Estate

It means a lot to me to have a healthy and harmonious home.

I love to know that the air in my home is clean and uncontaminated by moulds or toxins or off-gassing of any unhealthy sort.

I love to have plants in our home, picking up anything in our environment that needs purifying, while enhancing the quality of our air.

It is important to me to use resources wisely and well.

A home that is elegantly natural and welcoming makes my heart sing.

It matters to me that our garden is pure and organic, that we use no chemicals in our home or garden, no toxins that could cause damage to animals, people, plants or environment.

It thrills me to capture energy in one form and to put it to use in another.

It gives me a buzz to take kitchen scraps, leaves, wood ash, cardboard, and all sorts of other natural materials and turn them into soil.

I have a longing that I have squashed for years, to have a wood burning stove instead of the particularly smelly, down draughting fireplace on a northern wall, and for that woodburner to be flat topped … to boil a kettle on … for the times when we have power cuts. In eleven years at our current address, we have had several power cuts and a few quite hair raising experiences in the dark and the cold.

I cannot understand why buildings aren’t simply constructed with natural materials, to suit the climates where they are built and designed, in order to breathe naturally and to keep inhabitants safe and comfortable.

Having grown up in Africa, and seen totally suitable and sustainable dwellings performing their tasks well, I wonder at some of the daft modern architecture that relies on technology, using synthetic, toxic materials to house humans in. It’s madness and no wonder so many are ill.

I intend to write more about my thoughts and experiences in Africa, Australia, and Britain, when it comes to homes, buildings, eco tips and real estate in general.

Here is a sampling, in a blogpost I wrote about plants and air quality, when my youngest child started university a few short years ago: