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How to get help from your brain to improve your life

After suffering a debilitating nervous breakdown in early 2006, Holly Boydell took many years to shake off the last vestiges of limitation that this experience had introduced to her life. It was not the first time that she had felt her world crumble, after enduring years of different types of stress and finally feeling as though ‘the elastic had snapped’.

This is my story … I am Holly Maxwell Boydell and I lived this journey … indeed, I am still on the journey to this day. I am grateful to be able to look back and to say “I made it”.

I can drive again, speak full sentences without tripping on my tongue, I have resilience, and I have found clarity to help me to accomplish all sorts of menial and more challenging tasks … but I still feel some of the fallout and daily I work on myself to overcome.

Without the brain training resources that I discovered and started to use in March 2018, after attending the NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon, I imagine I might be telling a very different story to the one that you can read about on my blog. There is no way that this website would have reached the audience that it has nor would I have had the courage to stand before an online crowd and let you all know that I broke.

If you would like to know more about the brain and how your brain can help you to live your best life, I would urge you to start that journey now. Read my blogposts about the Innercise book and articles where I have shared about my healthful and encouraging NeuroGym experience.

I have benefitted, too, from the incredible insight and resources published by Mark Robert Waldman (a top Neuro Science researcher), Dr Srini Pillay and several others at the top of their profession.

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There is a whole world of empowerment waiting for you …

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NOTE: Refer to my Reading List, for books on brain training / Neuro Science by experts such as Mark Waldman and John Assaraf and others. These are an invaluable resource and more are being added on these and other topics.

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