Books & Authors

This page was created on Saturday 18 August 2018, in conjunction with a newly created Reading List, at The Holly Tree Tales.



Categories of featured books include:

Mind / Brain
Art and Design
Faith and Spirituality
Health and Wellbeing
Landscape and Environment

Some of the Authors whose books will be or already are featured:

Anna Meryt
Catherine De Vrye
Norman Vincent Peale
John Assaraf
Richard Demarco
Neil Francis
Jack Canfield
Patrice Newell
Monty Don
Dr Caroline Leaf
John C Maxwell
Ken Costa
JT Foxx
Carol Drinkwater
Henry Miller
Cynthia Garrett
AR Bernard
Karl Martin
Judith Miller
Clyde Broster
Carina Contini
Cyndi Barker
Robert McKee
Fr Henry Wansborough
Lady Eve Balfour
Rusty Labuschagne
Matthew Porter, vicar of The Belfrey
My Grandfather,  Dr Phillip Hugh Dalgleish



These pages will be updated from time to time, so please do call in again.



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