Monday Morning Mindfulness

Dear Readers,

Recently I joined the Wisdom app community, as one of the founding members of the brandnew app.

As some might know, I have been very active on Clubhouse this year, speaking on several stages and on a range of themes around Leadership, Empowerment and Sustainability.

Fortunate to be part of a tribe of leaders and speakers on Clubhouse, I was made aware of the newest audio app, the wonderfully named “Wisdom”, soon after it had been launched.

It took me a little while to summon up the courage to hop onto the Wisdom stage and now I have begun the journey there, starting with sharing the start of my lifestory – a practice run.

This morning I began to record the first of what will be regular Mindfulness Moments, for my audience. This forms part of the collection of talks that will be presented by me on Wisdom, as a compliment to the work I am doing, through speaking, thought contributions or moderating rooms on Clubhouse.

Here is the first Wisdom message on Mindfulness …

A little mindfulness message for you. Happy Monday!



With love,

Holly x


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