Don’t Just Look At What I Have Accomplished

Don’t just look at what I have accomplished.

Look at where I have been to get there.

The story of the one who breaks through the chains to take the prize never ever ever was a gentle whistling along in the park.

If you are in a tight spot and you are hurting anywhere, in your mind, your body, your soul, your career, your finances, your relationships, your pension, your posts in life, your business, your heritage, your ambitions and hopes and dreams feeling smashed, mashed, crushed, mouldy, stale, outrageous or even “impossible” …

Guess what?


I might have been there too.

I am Holly.
I am Holly Michelle.

I am A human being who has lived and wept and picked myself back up a million times, even when it looked like I might go down …

Guess what?
I didn’t!!
I rose!!!

I am 58.

I have walked an unreal road and faced obstacles, rejection, abandonment, ridicule, disinterest, even conditions placed on me where there should have been unconditional love and support …

But guess what??
I use this as my FUEL ✨🙆🏼‍♀️🎵✨🔥🚀✨✨✨✨✨


I turn the mess into my message and I use the toxic stuff to power me forwards and to give me mega IMPAMVU when it comes to helping others UP.

I will not stand and stare while others are bleeding.

I will not ignore someone whose heart is crushed.

I will, do and shall always PRAY.


And IF I HAVE A KEY OR A RESOURCE, I’ll hand it to you or I’ll guide or teach you …


Because it simply is not an option for me.

This is what, how and why God and Life have shaped me and I am compelled to go on, compelled to grow, compelled to serve, compelled to lead, compelled to be a guardian, compelled to teach, compelled to care, compelled to always get to the light, the oxygen, the light …


It is NEVER ok to pull others down in the process of life in order to progress ourselves and I believe in The Golden Rule 💯 … (that means: One Hundred Percent).

You cannot get more than that … you can only multiply it …

Which is PRECISELY what I adore doing!!!


I have sweet ZERO interest in hanging around people or attitudes that are going downhill and ZIP interest in gawping at negativity either.

I’ll call it out, then I move on.

If it persists, I’ll pour vinegar and bicarb on it.

Easy … flour, water, borax.

Creepy peeps?
OH what?!

I mean I walk on, darling.
Life’s too short.

I do what Tony Robbins suggests: RISE UP.

“Raise Your Standards” up up up up up and away


Get the idea?

So …

What’s the point of this film script?

I want to INVITE YOU to come on The Journey with me.

I know some people.
I know some things.
I have a few skills.
I am a Learner Pilot and a paid up Member of Life’s Eagle Club.


I would LOVE to be your guide and hand you the key 🧚🏼✨✨✨✨✨

To unlock what is full of beauty and opportunity INSIDE YOU!!

How on earth do I hope to do that??



All I have to do is invite you to sign up for the OWN YOUR FUTURE Challenge.

It is completely free to attend for five days (AND has a VIP option, if you would like that, but definitely not a prerequisite) … and it kicks off on Tuesday 11 May 2021 at 11.00am PT.

This makes my assignment SO MUCH SIMPLER (we love simple, don’t we??) because I can simply ask you to save a seat and then PAY ATTENTION (take notes) to each and every one of the 17 or so Speakers on stage during the FREE 5 Day online OWN YOUR FUTURE event (approx 2-3 hours per day)!!!


We start there and then we feel our way, in very safe hands, with me as your guide and you as the HERO!!


That simple.

So, as I have formed a strategic partnership with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and, to help them to take their message of empowerment to the world, I can give you my special key (link), to the door, so that YOU can book your seat to attend.

We’ll take it from there.

Are you in???

Let me know with a 👊🏼 or an “I AM IN”, if that is YOU and that sets us off on this particular Journey together.

I can’t wait to help and guide and hold your hand as we birth the brilliance that is within ourselves.

Come on, now.

What are you waiting for???

I have told you: you are in safe hands and this is one ride you are GOING TO LOVE!!!!!




Already 600,000 have signed up and the free 5 Day OWN YOUR FUTURE Challenge starts on TUESDAY!! It kicks off on 11 May 2021 at 11.00amPT.



(As Tony Robbins would say)

That’s it!

See you on the inside.


Much love

Holly x

PS. Authenticity means everything to me.

PPS. I want to see you rise too!

Update: This post is in the process of being refreshed.
Wednesday 4 August 2021

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