How To Have a Breakthrough In Your Business When You Want To Be More Effective AND Add Increased Value To Your Ideal Customers

John Assaraf (pictured) is running a BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH CHALLENGE and YOU can hop on board to learn phenomenal skills from him, to help to scale your business and ventures.  

Dear Readers,

I am writing to let you know about a Business Breakthrough Challenge that is being presented by John Assaraf … CEO of NeuroGym, successful business leader AND phenomenal life coach … TAKING PLACE THIS WEEK!

Some may know that I have been a client of John’s since March 2018, when I enrolled in one of his brain training programmes, in the hope of getting myself beyond the limitations that I was experiencing after suffering a severe nervous breakdown in mid 2006. 

It was a slow and arduous journey to that point and, looking back over the three years since, I have come a long way in how I now manage daily life. My business interests are also getting going significantly again and this is HUGELY encouraging!

You might already know that I include John Assaraf’s company, NeuroGym, in the small selection of handpicked professionals and companies whom I refer others to, through my Affiliate business and internet marketing service (HM Event Promotions). 

Today I’m writing to you to share the information about NeuroGym’s Business Breakthrough Challenge, as it is so effective for businesses and I did not want you to miss out! There are a few places left, and moments only, for you to hop on board today!

John Assaraf says that one of the most important aspects in the effective running of any business, is having someone in charge of leading the sales / marketing process … and this has to be happening every single day.

I have heard John say, over and over, that unless someone is taking care of bringing in new leads every day, “you do not have a business … you have a hobby”.  Well, this does sound extreme, but I think we can understand what he is getting at here!  Businesses need clients and customers, otherwise they fail … and those customers have to be coming in, in a continuous stream, with new leads all the time.

I have learned a lot from John over the time that I have been in his sphere of influence – personally and professionally – and I see how he walks his talk … every single day, too! 

Repetition is key to success, once we know what it is that we have to repeat, and all of what I see John teaching and implementing and refining is legitimate.  He is doing what he talks about, himself, and he has others delegated to the tasks that he cannot do or is not strong at.  We can all learn from John’s down-to-earth and skilled examples.

IF you need to scale your business leads for your products / services / events and you need to address how you approach your prospective clients / customers, so that they are READY to do business with YOU (and your team), then you will love John’s business training and will come away from it with a considerable amount of value gained … and LOTS to look forward to!  

Here is the link to the Registration page, where you’ll leave your email address and will be directed to John Assaraf’s 5 DAY BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH CHALLENGE

Sign up immediately, as this training is being presented LIVE this week and registering NOW will mean that you will potentially also have a chance to interact with John during the training.

There are usually excellent ‘networking’ opportunities in John’s business coaching sessions, so that could turn out to be an added and unexpectedly good bonus for you as well.

Click here to take you to where there is more information and where you need to go to sign up. 

NeuroGym will take good care of you … but hurry, while there are still ‘seats’.

I look forward to hearing about your success!

With all good wishes,

Holly x

PS. If you are unable to attend the Business Breakthrough Challenge, or will be attending and would also like to read an excellent business book by John Assaraf, I can recommend his best selling book called “The Answer”.

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