The Clubhouse Opportunity To Shift And To Grow

The Clubhouse Wave Icon

Are you making the most of the Clubhouse opportunity to shift and to grow?

While still in its beta phase, this platform is currently being used as a powerful space for valuable connections, mentoring, sharing of ideas and even deals being made live!

There are good opportunities to grow your business reach as well as to learn from successful others. There are also excellent rooms to listen in to or to take part in, which afford quality content and sharing of same.

Choose wisely where you spend your time, as time is life, and use every chance you have to grow into a better version of you. The Clubhouse platform can be a useful tool in the process.

Currently only for Apple / iphone, the app will be extended in due course. Inclusion is by invitation only, but you can set up an account, ready for when someone can help to bring you into the space.

If you are already on Clubhouse, it would be good to be connected there as well.

I am currently hosting a room on Friday evenings at 6pm UK (Holly’s Happy Hour) for positive and empowering conversation and tips – life and business. If you are following me, you will be notified when the room opens.

Other rooms are coming too, including one for excellent entrepreneurship and one related to sustainability.

Are you on Clubhouse?

If so, how are you finding it?

Let’s take a leap ahead together.

I look forward to meeting you there!



Holly x

White writing on black background. Quote by Holly Maxwell Boydell

PS. If you would like to join my group on Facebook for leadership insights, inspiration and motivation, called AHEAD OF THE PACK, here is the link to the Group

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