Book Recommendation ~ Dot Com Secrets By Russell Brunson

In business, one of the most important things to have is a good sales / marketing system, to bring in your ideal customers and clients.

We must help people to find us, whom we can help … it is about adding value, rather than about promoting ourselves.

One of the most effective uses of time and resource, is to use an appropriate funnel to find the right customers and help them to find what it is that we have to offer, in order to bring them results.

One of my Mentors in learning how to effectively create online business success, for example, is best selling author Russell Brunson, who is Co-Founder of the hugely successful international digital business, ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson is a master of the craft of creating leads and sales results for any business – product, service, event, you name it. I recently heard him say that he can sell anything … which is a very bold claim … and is true!

Russell teaches important sales fundamentals in his very first book, the marketing ‘bible’ that is Dot Com Secrets. This book has been fully revised and updated and was republished in 2020.

If you have the first version of Dot Com Secrets, I would encourage you to get the latest version as well. There is vastly increased information contained in the revised book.

Here is more information and how to get your own free copy (you only pay shipping):

Dot Com is a truly helpful resource for anyone in business – whether you are an author or an auditor who needs clients – and the principles and ‘secrets’ outlined are applicable to every business – even brick and mortar enterprises are covered.

The Dot Com Secrets book is available to buy on Amazon (paid link), but it is much cheaper and more exciting getting it from Russell Brunson himself!

Russell’s team have shipped out thousands of these books and I would urge you to act now, if you wish to get a free copy.


Holly x

The exciting moment when my copy was ‘unboxed’.

PS. My own copy is being dipped into and carefully ‘consumed’ almost every day. I recently gifted one to a family member (my son), who is also loving and learning so much from it!

Order your free copy (pay only the shipping cost) today.

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