Time Management And The New World New You Challenge by Tony Robbins

New World New You Challenge. Badge.  Tony Robbins. via The Holly Tree Tales.

Well, we are off to a great start in 2021 and I cannot believe how quickly the first three weeks have flown!

All sorts of things are happening on the planet right now … some extremely trying for us all … and there are blessings, too, when we choose to look for them.

This week I decided to dive into a Challenge that is being hosted by one of my very special Mentors, Tony Robbins, called “New World New You”. This started on Thursday 21 January and runs for five days. I am also in the midst of another Challenge, hosted by Russell Brunson, but was so keen to be in the wonderfully uplifting environment that Tony Robbins creates around himself, too, that I decided to push the limits and go all out … some more …

During the New World New You Challenge yesterday, Tony Robbins mentioned one of his programmes, designed to help us to manage our time and our lives well.

I thought it would be prudent to hop onto my blog today, to share with my Audience here that I have access to introduce you to that programme through my Affiliate link and, if this is something that you need, please do hop on board. I hear from many other participants that it is wonderful, although have not yet done this particular programme myself.

Here is the link for you to click on, which will take you straight to Tony Robbins’ site for more information:

Time of your life and rapid planning method bundle – TonyRobbins.com

I shall be writing again soon, to tell you more about the New World New You, 5 Day Challenge, and how I am getting on with it as well.

Mindfully yours,

Holly x

Tony Robbins.  Man with open arms.

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