12 Favourite Bible Stories ~ Book Recommendation

Are you looking for a gift for a special little person in your life?

If so, I have just the ticket!

This is a book of 12 Favourite Bible Stories written by a very precious friend of mine, the Author, Sheila Daw. We first met in London during the 1980s, when we both attended the Alpha Course, at Holy Trinity Brompton.

Sheila and I recently met up again, for the first time since last seeing each other in London in 1990, and we had a wonderful reunion! It was as if we had never lost contact, despite decades in between, and we talked with enormous ease. It is so good to have found one another again and to be in close contact once more. We speak often and I am hugely blessed by our friendship.

Sheila is a lovely person and shares my love of Africa, both of us having been born and spent our childhood there. She has a beautiful heart for children and has created this treasured collection of twelve Bible stories for them.

I know how hard it is to promote one’s own work and thus I would love to help Sheila Daw to expand her readership worldwide!

As it was Sheila’s birthday earlier this month, I thought I would create a blogpost especially, telling the world about her book(s) as an alternative to a birthday gift for her!

Here are my special links for you to buy Sheila’s book for a child you love:

Click here for UK / Europe.

Click here for USA / Rest of World.

This is a great time to get your order in, ahead of the Christmas season!


Holly x

Click here to peruse my Reading List,
an evolving compilation of great book suggestions by several Authors and friends!

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