Now Is The Time To Grow Beyond Yourself

Would you agree with what Tony Robbins says about life being a gift?
Would you like to share your gifts with people who need them?
Would you like to join The Knowledge Industry with your own skills and Knowledge?

Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.
~Tony Robbins

The Knowledge Business is THE industry to join right now.

The self education movement is set to grow exponentially in these challenging times.

In order to share more about this, a landing page called ‘The Knowledge Business’ has been created at The Holly Tree Tales, to introduce The Knowledge Broker BluePrint to those who would like to join the wave!

Now is your chance to hop onboard, if you are looking for a way to pivot in your current career and to help to lift others as you climb.

I recently qualified as a Knowledge Broker and was so excited to have finished the course, which had been quite a challenge for me to stick with while lockdown was going into gear and I was juggling several projects or other key things going on in my life.

This is the moment that I announced to my friends in the KBB / Mastermind community on Facebook that I had made it over the finish line. The video is completely impromptu and utterly spontaneous!

It was such a huge personal achievement for me this year and an important ‘landmark’ goal for my business as well.

I was shattered, but truly victorious!

As one of Mastermind dot com’s Affiliates, it is my huge pleasure to be able to introduce others to the “KBB Method” ie. the Knowledge Broker BluePrint for the privilege of the opportunities that this presents to each person who gets involved.

Thousands of people’s lives are being changed by this course and I would love to welcome you to join us as a Mastermind Professional!

Now is the time to take courage in both hands and to show others how we do the things that we are good at.

So many people are sitting at home looking for our skills and this is when the world needs all the help possible to educate others in what we do well.

This is the perfect time to pivot into the knowledge industry, in order to create impact and to be paid to do so, working mostly online.

I look forward to welcoming you, if this is something that grabs your interest! It is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your business, in order to bring value to many lives and to raise the bar in your own life as well.

Yours in knowledge and excitement,

Holly x

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