Read Any Good Books Lately?

Book. The Answer by John Assaraf + Murray Smith.  Image (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell. The Holly Tree Tales Reading List.

Have you read any good books lately?

Would you like to learn more about the wonderful workings of your amazing brain?

Are you the sort of person who loves to grow and to be mentored by those who have found ways to thrive and to succeed at all sorts?

If so, you’re possibly on the same page as me!

I am an avid reader and love to learn all the time.  My children have been raised on reading books – bedtimes were never without stories – since birth and we have an impressive book collection in our family library at home.

Reading a range of material every day, both in print and online, keeps me mentally active and helps to guide me in a variety of ways in my life.  Reading and constantly learning also enables me to help others, as I walk my path and rise to meet challenges or to greet the blessings of every day, mindfully sharing what I am inspired by and what I gain by listening to the voices of others.

Some months ago, I suddenly had the idea to share the names of books that I have been enjoying and one thing led to another: I found myself signing up to become an affiliate partner with Amazon, so that I could quickly and easily share links to books that I have always, naturally, recommended to my friends and family, wherever I have lived – and now worldwide via the internet.

The Reading List that I began to create some months ago, has been very slowly taking shape, as I have been learning a range of differing skills – in life in general, online, technically, personal development, and with the different platforms that contribute to and work alongside the production of what is on my blog, The Holly Tree Tales.   Thus, the Reading List I have created is somewhat spread out and in need of tightening in its overall presentation, but is a work in progress and will become neater while it grows.  That sounds like many of us, doesn’t it?

As there is already a good number of books featured in my Reading List, I wonder whether you’d take a peek and see if there’s anything featured there that you would love to add to your bookshelf today?  If not immediately obvious from the books you see featured, perhaps click on a link and explore … see where you might land, independently!  Perhaps you’ll be ‘led’, from your own exploration, to select a book of your choice from the Amazon world.  Otherwise, you might like to click on one of the Authors’ websites that I have featured, to have a look at what is on offer by the Writers of the books themselves.

If you are looking for a tale of significant mental shift and some down-to-the-knuckle life stuff, I would particularly recommend having a look at Rusty Labuschagne’s website and hearing his story entitled “Breaking Chains”.  Rusty is a friend of mine and has a powerful, moving, eye wateringly honest story to tell and there is a DVD that accompanies his book too.  Please let your friends know about this as well.  Rusty’s is a story that the world needs to hear ~  it is all about courage, tenacity, hardship, injustice, and the surprise result of the ultimate goal: forgiveness.  You’ll find the link to his website in The Reading List

At the moment, the Amazon links that accompany some of the books that I have listed, are specifically for the United Kingdom and the United States of America.  I hope to soon have additional geographical links to provide, as I become more adept and comprehensively set up to be managing those partnerships smoothly as well.

Happy browsing and do let me know which books, stories and mentoring tools have helped you the most.  It is fun to share the pleasure of reading with everyone, and to hear from those who also love to grow!

Mindfully yours,

Holly x




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